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Laser Tattoo Testimonials

Scotty Kraus (client)
"Let me start by saying that the first time that I met Dr. Dave his personality and professionalism put me right at ease. I am in the process of having Dr. Ores removes a tattoo on my arm and I couldn't be happier with the results. Thanks Dr.Dave"
Brooklyn NY

Heidi W. (Client)
"Dr. Ores' laser is state of the art. I am very pleased with the results. Waxing was painful, time-consuming, and temporary. Now, I never have to worry again about facial hair, my bikini line, or shaving. It is so liberating. I highly recommend Dr. Ores- a professional and thoughtful doctor."
New York City

Michelle Myles (owner of Dare Devil Tattoo on Ludlow Street and FunCity Tattoo Studio New York's oldest tattoo shop)
"Dr.Dave is the only person I would ever recommend clients to or go to myself for Laser tattoo removal. Dave is a true professional and is more qualified than any other practitioner I know of with his thorough knowledge of the latest laser technology, his very extensive medical background, and his first hand knowledge of the tattoo process. Dr.Ores has lightened an extensive piece for me quite successfully. I have seen horrific results of unskilled parishioners with severe blistering resulting from the use of improper, or out of date instruments. My visits with Dr.Ores left me with minimal trauma to the skin and great results. Dr.Ores is heavily tattooed he and treats his tattooed customers with a respect many medical professionals lack. We have worked with Dr.Ores for years and are relieved to have someplace to send people looking for help in lightening and covering up old or poorly done work."
New York City

Mario Barth (Owner Starlight Tattoo)
"Dr. Dave is such a professional."
New Jersey

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David J. Ores, MD  |  189 East 2nd Street  |  NYC, NY 10009  |  (917) 723 4206  |  drdave.lesm@gmail.com

Hours: Monday to Friday, 3-6 p.m., Saturday by appointment. Closed on Sunday.