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The price of laser tattoo treatment is in the ballpark of $25.00 dollars per square inch for each treatment and varies somewhat with size of tattoo and number of treatments. In general, it is a few hundred dollars per treatment and averages range from $200.00 dollars all the way up to $1200.00 dollars per treatment for larger pieces.

* There is a base minimum fee of $200 dollars per treatmentfor any laser tattoo treatment.

Send your tattoo photo to Dr. Ores by e-mail and receive your FREE treatment price estimate. You can also visit the office in person for a FREE laser consultation, treatment plan and pricing.

Incarceration Tattoos and Gang Affiliation Tattoos

Dr. David Ores and Mr. Carlos Iansen have set up a community based tattoo reduction program called “Fresh Start”. Dr. Ores will treat and reduce these sort of tattoos on the hands, neck and face at no charge to the client as a community / public service.

Mario Barth (Starlight Tattoo Studios worldwide) approached me with this really great idea and related to me how these sort of tattoos can interfere with the growth and life progress of people trying to move on with their lives and remove markings of their former "past" life. Mr. Carlos Iansen approached me to continue and expand the project as “Fresh Start” at our New York City office.

We discussed how these tattoos could negatively affect job hiring, self-image and image in the community. It is already tough enough to get a new job without visible ink on your face and hands. Especially gang affiliation and incarceration tats which in some cases make people self conscious and more anxious about getting new work and starting a new sort of life.

For more information, please see the Fresh Start page.

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