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General Medical Care: Physical examinations; expert referrals; blood tests; EKG testing; treatment of common infections; respiratory illnesses / cough; repair & treatment minor lacerations; travel vaccinations; routine GYN care; pregnancy testing; STD testing; care and diagnosis of metabolic illnesses (diabetes, obesity); quit smoking care; diagnosis and treatment of anxiety / depression; headache; management of high blood pressure; common skin diseases, urinary tract infections; gastric reflux disease (GERD); treatment of sore throat and strep; and all other common illnesses and maladies one may encounter. If your illness or problem is out of the range of what Dr. Ores usually treats and manages, Dr. Ores will take the care and time to be sure you are referred to someone who can help you.

Laser Hair removal: Laser hair reduction using the GentleLaser laser. The most popular laser for hair removal in the world today.

Laser Tattoo removal: Expert laser tattoo removal with the best technology available today

USCIS-693 Immigration Exam: Dr. Ores is an official approved provider.

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David J. Ores, MD  |  189 East 2nd Street  |  NYC, NY 10009  |  (917) 723 4206  |  drdave.lesm@gmail.com

Hours: Monday to Friday, 3-6 p.m., Saturday by appointment. Closed on Sunday.